PROJECT 2 : Purchase of land

STATUS: Accomplished

As of June 2019 Kèmndà Center now owns 35 acres of beautiful land


PROJECT 3: Renovation of housing for volunteers and vulnerable children

STATUS: In Progress

We are currently raising funds to renovate three houses near to our property to be used to house volunteers and workers of Kèmndà Center as well as vulnerable children in need of refuge. We need $10,000 for each one of these houses (for a total of $30,000) to fix up and furnish each one. We hope to have at least two of these houses finished by December 2019. 

We are currently at 16% of the needed funding and work will be starting immediately on the first house. If you would like to participate in this project, please click on the button below to make a donation. Thank you!  

PROJECT 4: Water

STATUS: Coming soon

We will need to drill for water and build a water tower in order to prepare our land for construction projects. 


PROJECT 1: Authorization to function in Koumra

STATUS: Accomplished

As of August 2018, Kèmndà Center is a registered association, legally entitled to operate in Koumra

PROJECT 5 : Brick wall 

STATUS: In Progress

In Chad it is very common for people to protect their property with brick walls. We would like to start  building a wall around a portion of our land to protect our future construction projects.

PROJECT 6 : Construction

STATUS: Starting soon

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