Obed Berasngar grew up in Koumra, Chad. He has long been burdened to help the children of his native village, and for this purpose, since moving to Canada has completed his Bachelor of Arts in social sciences as well as a certificate in humanitarian project design and management from Bioforce, Paris, among other things, in order to prepare him for his work with vulnerable children in Chad. The vision for Kèmndà Center has been on his heart for many years, and as of 2018 the association received official operating authorization in Koumra. His wife Lacy has practical nurse training and holds a Bachelor's degree in linguisitics and a certificate in administration of non profit organizations. She also has her grade 9 Royal Conservatory of Music certification in piano and has taught lessons for over 15 years. Together with their children, they are currently travelling back and forth to Chad regularly to prepare the groundwork for Kèmndà Center.

The Berasngar family is planning to relocate to Chad in the near future in order to assume direction of Kèmndà Center. Together with a capable team of Canadian, Chadian and American volunteers and counsellors, the Berasngar family looks forward to working with children in this community.

Kèmndà Center


"Kèmndà" is a word in the Sara Madjingany language spoken in southern Chad which means "kindness". This name was chosen for this ministry to convey our desire to show kindness to those who may have no one else in the world to show kindness to them. 


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