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Centre Kemnda was founded in 2018 by Obed & Lacy Berasngar.  Obed grew up in Chad, Africa and has spent the last 13 years living, studying and working in Canada with his family. He has long been burdened to return to his home country and help children living in extreme poverty and difficulty.

Lacy met Obed during her travels with missions in Chad and shares his love for the country and his concern for vulnerable and orphaned childrens' needs. Together they started this ministry in response to God's leading in their lives and in their desire to help respond to these needs.

Since they originally launched the ministry in 2018 Obed and Lacy have been able to travel back and forth to Chad several times to assess the needs in the area and to lay the groundwork for the ministry. In December 2021 the Berasngar family travelled to Chad to spend a six month period living and working in Koumra and establishing a base for the ministry. During this time they were able to reach out to multiple street children and even offer full-time care to several especially needy children (read more about what we are doing here). The Berasngar family is still travelling back and forth to Canada for personal employment until they have a strong enough support base to remain full-time in Chad. Lacy writes about their experiences in Chad at her blog www.chroniclesfromchad.com

At the present time this organization works in the Southern region of Chad (Koumra) with a home office in New Brunswick, Canada.

Centre Kemnda

The name Centre Kemnda was chosen for this ministry as Kemnda is a word from the local language Sara Madjingany which means "kindness".


The core values of Centre Kemnda are kindness, compassion, integrity & love. We desire to exemplify these Christian characteristics to all children we come in contact with through this ministry