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Centre Kemnda

Centre Kemnda is a Christian non profit organization working in Koumra, in the South of Chad, in order to provide support for vulnerable children through provision of shelter, physical care, education & training


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Street children

In Chad, as in other regions of Africa, there are a great number of children living on the streets. These children, for various reasons (like the death of one or both parents, poverty, rejection or abuse for instance) live and sleep on the streets, scrounging for meals in garbage heaps and finding themselves totally alone when in need of medical or other help. They have no one to pay for their schooling and no one to turn to for protection and to defend their rights.


Handicapped children

Handicaps affect many Chadian children, however these children are rarely able to access the resources necessary to help them develop their full potential. Many are hidden away out of shame or left to fend for themselves.


We believe each child deserves the chance for a brighter future