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Centre Kemnda is a non-profit ministry working in Koumra, in the South of Chad, in order to provide a Christian home, family & education for vulnerable and orphaned children 


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Vulnerable and orphaned children in Chad

In Chad there are a great number of children living on the streets. These children, for various reasons (like the death of one or both parents, poverty, rejection or abuse for instance) live and sleep on the streets, scrounging for meals in garbage heaps and finding themselves totally alone when in need of medical or other help. They have no one to pay for their schooling and no one to turn to for protection and to defend their rights.

Chad has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world. Babies whose mothers die during childbirth are at extremely high risk of death themselves as many families cannot afford the price of powdered milk and are unable to care for the orphaned baby

Abandoned babies and children are quite frequently found in latrines and garbage heaps as desperate moms find themselves at a loss for how to provide for their babies

Centre Kemnda focuses its care on the most vulnerable orphaned children who do not have parents or other adult caregivers in their lives that are able to raise them

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